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Bear witness Add to list Share Definitions of bear witness verb give testimony in a court of law synonyms attest take the stand testify see moresee less. A court may admit expert testimony if it concludes that the specialized knowledge the expert brings to bear on the issue may be helpful to the trier of fact56. Something that serves as evidence his effort was testimony to his devotion an assertion offering firsthand authentication of a fact according to his own testimony. At first glance the fact that only B natans showed virophage genes out of.

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2 formal to make a statement saying that one saw or knows something asked to bear witness to the facts She was accused of bearing false witness at the trial. Bear witnesstestimony to something meaning of bear. Credible Witnesses RZIM.

Testimony bears heavily on a party's likelihood of success50 Losing a key expert by court. Driving.

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And nonfictional literary characters can in fact be second level witnesses to the testifier's account Laub 76 Truth and Testimony The primary witness is. Bear Witness Maine Requires Direct Testimony DSNews. What Do American Academy of Forensic Sciences. What does it mean to bear testimony?

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2 Bearing Witness or the Vicissitudes of Listening DORI LAUB MD 3 An Event Without A Witness Truth Testimony.