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The condition that some event will not happen at a determinate time shall render the obligation effective from the moment the time indicated has elapsed, or if it has become evident that the event cannot occur.

In conditional obligations, the acquisition of rights, as well as the extinguishment or loss of those already acquired, shall depend upon the happening of the event which constitutes the condition.

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At first glance it might appear that two of the cases illustratedin the opening section of this article might fall into the category ofpromises not enforceable because economic advantage does not accrueto the community.

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From a legal perspective, a citizen is a person who is an official member of a political community and who therefore has certain de jure rights and privileges and legitimate expectations of her government.

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Together with the broader range of initiatives and practices relevant to integration and social cohesion, this could be amongst the recommendations and commitments outlined in the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration.

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To summarize: a moral rule has a specific form, an ethical principle is a general moral consideration. Andrus has the right to veto any deal due to service time rights. Kantian analysis of moral agency and retrospective responsibility. Thank you for using The Free Dictionary!

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But what exactly is it? OfIn its legal sense, obligation is a civil law concept.

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The fulfillment of this role requires an understanding by lawyers of their relationship to our legal system.

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