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Previous literature indicates that being a student who stutters can have a lasting negative social, academic, and emotional influence; therefore, it isvital for teachers to be adequately trained or knowledgeable about students who stutter.

Both groups preferred the delivery of information to come from SLPs. Databases searched included PSYCHInfo, EBSCO host, ERIC, and Google Scholar. Programa de orientação fonoaudiológica para professores da educação infantil. How do I interpret OASES findings?

The child should have at least two speech strategies that work, and be able to use them independently. Social Health Medicaid Waiver Can the student identify stuttering in someone else?

Core is is a speech training program and an oral motor skills training program designed for use by people with speech or communication disabilities, autism or apraxia and by occupational and speech therapists working with people with these disabilities.

Summary of the objectives, outcomes, hypotheses and methods of analysis. Have a teacher discuss stuttering with classmates 525 percent tell an adult. Is this student aware of the reactions?

However, it does not provide any criterion scores or norms for stuttering. If you work in a typical elementary, middle, or high school, check your caseload. More likely to know exactly what does or alone, student checklist for stuttering? General interest: What is your name?

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Some students will appreciate this; others may not.

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School bullying: Insights and perspectives.

Each card has a word or phrase with a colorful illustration.

PDF of this checklist.

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Brett Weiss for the time he spent with me at the Thompson library while I researched.

To have a successful interview, students will need to be comfortable with advertising their stutter, resisting time pressure, using their strategies, AND giving thoughtful answers to interviewer questions.

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If possible, talk with the perpetrators as quickly as possible.

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