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Any person who is liable for audit under section 44AB of the Income-Tax Act. And Or tax audited under reverse charge can be taxed?

This section is not applicable to those who operate trucks on hire without.

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Tax Audit Supervisor Class Number 7654 Annual Salary Range 4639200 739600 Twice-a-Month Salary Range 193300 307900 Pay Grade.

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Whether it will go to heir only or it can be apportioned to the HUF? Whether the applications and conditions for computation of premiums and operational audit may constitute itself registered or! Guidance Note on Tax Audit under Section 44AB of PSPCL.

In this context the following table clearly explains the applicability or otherwise of the so-called 'tax audit' under section 44AB in respect of different categories of 'persons' viz.

Tax audit can be conducted by a Chartered Accountant who holds the certificate of.

The auditor should review the list of products sold and make a determination of which products are petroleum products and therefore subject to the tax.

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The auditor may ask the taxpayerto provide an overview of their accounting system and document the types of reports available and how data is received and transmitted from sources outside the system and within the system.

Who is required to get its accounts audited under the Income-tax Act or.

It is not mandatory to file Income Tax Return ITR in case of loss for that assessment year In case of Firms Companies Persons want to offset Loss in future years It is mandatory to to file ITR even if they suffered Loss.

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