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Laugh a lot and continue to develop your sense of humor.

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NSLS is that it seems to put a focus on social issues, personal growth, and helping students achieve their goals.

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The tentative schedule will be confirmed as soon as the poll results are out.

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Over the ages, pearls have represented purity and virginity, and in modern times, a strand of pearls conveys that the wearer is dependable, ageless and measured.

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Phi Chi Theta strives to increase interest and dedication to professionalism while also increasing interest in the business world.

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The Discovery internship is designed to expose sophomore level summer interns to two different client service businesses at Deloitte.

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Margaret from accounting is complaining that someone is eating her yogurt from the employee lounge fridge a few years later, dealing with this trivial issue is almost second nature.

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During recruitment, word vomit could be a deciding factor as to whether or not a bid is earned or accepted.