Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning Checklist Sample

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This weekly restaurant cleaning schedule template can help you ensure that restaurant kitchen facilities like ovens dishwashers refrigerators and freezers are cleaned sanitized and disinfected on a weekly basis.

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Dusting in all rooms. Closing your restaurant requires more than just turning off the lights and locking the door. When restaurant trade are listed in restaurant kitchen cleaning checklist sample kitchen. Food Service Warehouse: Is Your Kitchen Really Clean?

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By Season It is one important reason why the template is so important to the people.


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Instead, empty grease traps once every month.

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Ann Arbor Cleaning personnel needs to sign off each row and state what item has been cleaned or has been stocked.


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Many restaurants make these programs mandatory for their staff.

Vacuuming in the rooms of main floor.

To illustrate the use of these formulas, consider the example below.

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Of more importance in the industry are cost percentages in general and food cost percentage in particular.