Amendment Appointing A Settlor As A Trustee

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Otherwise your estate, trustees and beneficiaries may well face these many problems, ambiguities, inequities and discrepancies after death.

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Consideration should be given to the standard of care to apply to the trust protector and setting that out in the trust instrument.

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For example, a variation adding beneficiaries may lead the trustee to make income distributions to those purported new beneficiaries over a period of time.

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An excluded trustee does not have an obligation to review, inquire, investigate, or make recommendations or evaluations with respect to the exercise of the power.

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However, beneficiaries who can work and agree together along with a willing trustee can fashion whatever relief desired.

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There are several ways in which a trust may be modified, reformed or terminated notwithstanding its expressed terms.

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If the donor spouse has discretion for appointing a settlor as trustee pursuant to

COMMENTARY: Distribution provisions relating to administration of estates also apply to administration of revocable trusts.

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