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Our teachers establish such an atmosphere in their classrooms.

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Similarly, a student who attains a low achievement level for one criterion will not necessarily attain low achievement levels for the other criteria.

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First, it helps us to deliberately choose who we are and what we believe, as opposed to letting our beliefs and values be solely the result of our environment.

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Your child plans the garden layout, plants the seeds, observes the plants growing and harvests the vegetables in the Primrose Patch.

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Demonstrate responsibility for actions to ensure a successful transition from middle school to high school.

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In this section, describe how you approach any behavioral issues that may occur, and why you believe your chosen approach will work.

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Engaging with sensitive and controversial topics Studying philosophy provides the opportunity for students to engage with exciting, stimulating and personally relevant issues.

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Having a philosophy gives a coach clear guidance on the objectives that should be pursued and how to achieve them.